With over 25 years of experience in the automation of production operations / optimisation of process and business processes, I offer relevant advice to ensure and permanently maintain the highest possible production output.

The standard and continuous transition from IT-supported pipe work supply across all processing departments to the finalisation of your products, integration of quality control and all additional raw materials and consumables, energy parameters and all cost-relevant aspects that can be allocated to the product.

From digital sensors, beginning with all intelligent automation components, simple and complex operating points, data infrastructure and data management, to materials management systems (MES/ERP), commodity flows, expenditures of any type, general operating conditions and all human factors, everything is taken into account, included and integrated for the optimisation of the production process.

Reduction of consumption rates, system availability and permanent quality control help you achieve the reduction in the TOTAL COST of Ownership you are striving for.

Advanced maintenance management with intelligent spare parts holdings ensure an accordingly permanently smooth production process (investment safety) and the associated CASH-FLOW, which you will achieve with your optimised production.


Elaboration of contract and technical specifications, conception and project management of control and process control systems, operating and production data entry with connection to your MES/ERP system, FAT acceptance, installation and commissioning support, final acceptance, and advanced maintenance management with intelligent spare parts holdings...

And YOUR production runs and runs and runs…

Eur-Ing Horst Neulinger

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